Tuesday, May 28, 2019

'CONNECT' 39: Tips on Public Speaking....how to use metaphors

'Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after'
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

You have to touch the heart of the audience if you have to make an impact on them. Touch the heart of the audience.....? How can you 'touch' the heart which is hidden inside the chest? This is the figurative way of expression that you have to reach out to the mind of the other person.

This is where metaphors and similes are useful to make your speech stand out. I give below more metaphors:

He has a voice of a crow
He has the heart of a lion
He swam in the sea of diamonds
Her positive attitude is a lighthouse for the hopeful
His belt was a snake curling around his waist
His plans were rock solid and so was his goals
Love is fire
You are the light of my life
His words were cotton candy
He was a lion on the battlefield
The stars are sparkling diamonds
Her tears were a river  flowing down her cheeks

While using metaphors you should know the context and it should fit in well. It has to be natural, else its effect will not be there. You have to read a lot of novels and stories to know how to make use of metaphors.

N C Sridharan


Sunday, August 12, 2018

NLP Made Easy! Episode #12: NLP is the study of 'human excellence!

Hi my friends! 

The other day I met a mason who is much wanted in the building industry. He is paid more than any other mason. I saw his brick work and it was so neat. I asked him how he is able to do such an excellent work. He gave a simple reply: 'I don't understand what you ask sir....but let me tell you this much...I place a brick and look at it....unless I am fully satisfied that I done it to my entire satisfaction, I will not pick up the next brick....'

That's why he is an excellent mason! 

I am sure you use the word 'excellent'. The dictionary meaning of the word is:extremely good; outstanding, very good, outstanding, magnificent, marvelous, superior etc. Almost all of us want to be excellent in doing what we do. We admire who are excellent. 

But have you pondered over the question what happens in your mind before you do something excellent outside? Why some people are excellent by nature and some others have to strain to become excellent? 

Its all in the mental programme! 

See this episode in which I have discussed this simple frame of mind called excellence! 

NC Sridharan

NLP Made Easy! Episode 11: There is always a strong link between your mind and body!

Hi friends! 

Next time you meet a person who comes to you in a confused frame of mind and discusses his problem, notice his body posture and body language. You will notice something different in his facial expression, eyebrows, jaws etc. You may even notice a slight couch in his body posture. If you are able to clear his confusion to his satisfaction, once again notice how he looks. 

You will notice a difference. His looks will be different, his eyebrows will not be raised, you will see a different facial expression altogether. 

Next time when you wear a new suit or an apparel  which you like most, notice how you feel inside your mind! 

There is always a link between your mind and body! 

See this episode and do the exercise suggested and you will be amazed about this simple but powerful NLP principle! 

NC Sridharan

Saturday, August 11, 2018

NLP Made Easy! Episode # 10: There is always a connection between 'inside' and 'outside'!

Hi My Friends! 

Next time you watch a TV Show, try to become inquisitive to understand what is happening inside the TV set to get the images on the monitor. The same thing applies to a computer, a washing machine, a rice cooker etc. Unless you understand the technology which produces certain outputs from these gadgets, you cannot trouble shoot if there is a problem.

In the same way, a behaviour that you see outside a person has connection with the thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitude etc of the person displaying the behaviour. It applies to your behaviours also.

You have a choice of seeing things happening or making things happen! You can make things happen if you understand the mind - body connection. Else you have to accept what you see happening! This is where knowledge of NLP will be useful. 

In this episode I have discussed some common examples. 

NC sridharan

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

NLP Made Easy! Episode # 9: Without Self-introspection We Cannot Change!

Hi Friends! 

If you want to change, you have to introspect asking the following questions:
  • What am I doing now?
  • How what I am doing will influence my life?
  • What will happen if continue this without change?
  • What change I should bring about in my life and what will it do for me? 
  • What will happen to me if I don't change?
For bringing about personal changes, we should be personally convinced and personally determined. Others' conviction and determination will be useless in the absence of our own.

NLP will help us to understand why we change and we do not change.

See this episode where I have discussed a very important case study.

NC Sridharan

Monday, August 6, 2018

NLP Made Easy! Episode # 8: Understand the link between mind - thought - feeling - behaviour - habit!

Hi my friends! 

The other day I met an interesting person in my personal one to one counselling: an alcohol addict. His problem is he is so much addicted to drinking that we has to work very hard to earn - to drink! 

He was very clear: he needs money to drink and he needs work to earn money! But in the process he's losing his health and his wife is very worried, not because he is working to earn, but because, he is working to drink and ultimately die! 

I explained the issue of his alcohol addiction to his wife. I explained that as long as we do not arrest the 'thought' of having a drink entering his mind, we cannot wean him out from drinking. 

There is a close connection and link between mind - thought - feeling - behaviour - and habit. You need to understand how these are interconnected and how this connection make us who we are! 

See this episode....

NC Sridharan

NLP Made Simple! Episode # 7: Understand the 'programme' to change the output!

Hi my friends! 

The other day I was playing a song from my iPhone. After a song another song started playing and I did not want to hear it at that time. After sometime I realised that I have created a 'playlist' and queued up the songs in that sequence and whether I like that sequence or not! If I want to change the song sequence I have to go back to the playlist and delete the queue. Unless and until I do this, the sequence will continue. I may not know how to change the playlist queue, but the iPhone will not be able to help my predicament.

The same thing happens when it comes to change human behaviours and habit.

This is where understanding the NLP principles will help us to get rid of hindering behaviours and habit.

See this episode....

NC Sridharan